Self Love Flexible Hairspray

Self Love Flexible Hairspray

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"Your potential is endless"

Embrace your hair with this new innovative hair spray. It’s a flexible fixation with great hold and beautiful shine. A long lasting power for shaping your hair to perfection. Pump up your hair while keeping it in your natural glamorous you.

Spray the product through dry hair where you need flexible hold, and brush through for perfect control. Spray at 20cm. For extra long lasting hold, spray the hair spray in layers and finish it in endless perfection. For all hair types.

Our innovative technology hair spray offers an array of benefits, making it the perfect choice for modern, conscious consumers. Here are some additional features of our product:

Controllable & Re-workable: Enjoy complete control over your hairstyle. This spray is designed for easy adjustments and re-styling without the need for excessive product reapplication.
Volume & Shine: Achieve impressive volume while enhancing the shine of your hair. Your locks will exude vitality and luster.
Anti-Frizz & Weightless: Say goodbye to frizz and that heavy, weighed-down feeling. Our formula tames frizz and keeps your hair feeling weightless.
100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free: We take pride in our commitment to being 100% vegan and never testing on animals. Embrace a product that's both ethical and effective.
Silicone- & Gluten-Free: Our spray is free from silicones and gluten, ensuring it's suitable for a wide range of hair types and lifestyles.
Microplastic-Free: We're dedicated to protecting the environment and have made sure our formula is free of microplastics.
CO2 Neutral: We're actively reducing our carbon footprint. Our product is CO2 neutral, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.
Layering Compatibility: Our hair spray plays well with others. You can easily layer it with your favorite styling products to achieve your desired look.

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